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Tyler+Katie / / Two Compadres

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Tyler & Katie. Wow, talk about #couplegoals. From our first wedding consultation (aka Starbucks life chat), I was ecstatic that these incredible individuals chose me to capture their relationship on film. I first met Tyler in a class, my freshman year of college. We hit it off, but unfortunately soon after, he transferred and we lost touch. The next time I heard from him, he was asking for me to meet his fiancé and talk wedding photography. They entrusted me with not only their special day, but also were eager to create a film that encapsulated their unique, fun-loving relationship. I was given complete creative freedom, and I can honestly say that this video combined with the experience of working with this couple, has been my favorite thus far. Their film, Two Compadres, has been nearly 5 months in the making, and watching the love and joy come together behind the lens and on the screen has been a rewarding process.

This is the first official blogpost that I have written, and I wanted it to be about something special. So, here’s to you, Tyler & Katie! To everyone else, if you’re ready to both laugh and cry in under 4 minutes, watch the video below.

From behind the lens,





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