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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

You are probably viewing this link via Facebook and thinking, free wedding videography?!? This is the story about a free wedding, and although i'm not currently offering another free wedding.... stay tuned ;)

This past April, Avonlea was inquiring about using my services to capture her big day. We talked about the typical pricing and contracts...you know, all the fun stuff! A couple of weeks later, I offered an Instagram contest where if you attended a bridal show hosted by Elegant Bridals, you would be entered to win a free wedding video! AVONLEA WON!!!! Below is Michael+Avonlea's wedding film! Enjoy!!!

From Behind the lens,


P.S. I'm hosting another free wedding contest in the spring! go follow me on Instagram @Michaeldavidprod to see when it happens!!


Shoutout to my amazing girlfriend for these behind the scenes photos! :D

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