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Congratulations to Amanda and Mahmoud on their wedding! This must have been a truly special and intimate occasion, with their wedding taking place in Amanda's parents' backyard. It's clear that their family and friends traveled far to be a part of this special day. The couple chose a beautiful color palette of sage, navy, and blush, and it sounds like they were aiming for a dreamy, romantic theme. With almost three years together under their belts, Amanda and Mahmoud have built a strong foundation for their future together. One of the things that makes their relationship so special is their love for animals – Mahmoud has even become a father to three dogs and two cats! In addition to spending time with their furry family members, the couple also enjoys trying new restaurants and having Sunday night dinners with friends Eric and Holly. We wish Amanda and Mahmoud all the best as they begin this new chapter in their lives together. May their marriage be filled with love, laughter, and many more memorable moments like these.

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