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It is not every day that you get to capture a New Years Eve Wedding. The last time I was able to capture a New Years Eve Wedding was my cousin's in 2016.

I have been looking forward to Cole+Stephanie's big day all year and their wedding was my last wedding of 2021. On Christmas Day I started not feeling so great and thought it was a sinus infection. I went home and checked my temperature and I had a 100.4 fever. I progressively started feeling worse as the day wore on and I got a rapid covid test the next day and tested positive... The Sunday before their big day... I was deviated. For one, Im fully vaccinated and have had my booster shot and was pretty shocked when my test became positive.

I had a team put together but I needed someone to be the primary photographer in my place. I desperately messaged all the photographers I knew and trusted and every one of them was either going out of town, or they were already booked for New Years Eve. Luckily, my friend Georgie came in clutch.( )

Im super thankful for all the clients I had in 2021 and i'm very pumped for all the new faces and weddings I get to capture for 2022.

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