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From Friends to Forever: Katherine and Rishab's Wedding Story

Updated: Feb 23

Katherine and Rishab's wedding is a joyous celebration of their extraordinary and enchanting relationship. The couple, who are best friends, food enthusiasts, and devoted pet owners, relish exploring the great outdoors and embarking on new adventures together. They take their beloved dog Chai to parks and dog-friendly areas in Seattle to discover its beauty, and they love nothing more than binge-watching Netflix reality shows, playing board games, and learning how to ski and snowboard as a team. Their five-year journey to the altar has been filled with love and companionship, and Katherine harbored a significant crush on Rishab for quite some time before they finally started dating.

The couple's wedding style and ambiance reflect their values of inclusivity, vibrancy, family, and fun. They invited 200 guests, including eight bridesmaids, seven groomsmen, and one close friend who officiated the ceremony. The wedding party was a lively and unforgettable affair, brimming with energy and excitement.

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