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Why I Love Working for an Agency over freelancing

Updated: Feb 22

Working for a Photography or Videography Agency: Benefits of a Structured Career

Are you a photographer or videographer who's trying to decide between freelancing and working for an agency? While both have their advantages, working for an agency can provide you with a more structured and stable career. Here are some benefits of working for a photography or videography agency:

  1. Consistent Income: Unlike freelancers who have to constantly find new clients and chase payments, working for an agency provides you with a steady income. You can focus on producing high-quality work without worrying about financial instability.

  2. Reduced Stress: Freelancers often have to handle everything from finding clients to scheduling shoots to editing and delivering the final product. Working for an agency allows you to focus on your craft and creative work while leaving the administrative tasks to the team.

  3. High-End Clients: Agencies have established relationships with high-end clients that trust their work and are willing to pay premium prices for quality content. Working for an agency can provide you with the opportunity to work on bigger and more prestigious projects, and to showcase your skills to a wider audience.

  4. Travel Opportunities: Many agencies require their photographers and videographers to travel for shoots, which can be a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. You can explore new places, meet new people, and add variety to your portfolio.

  5. Remote Work: Finally, many agencies offer remote work options, which allows you to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection. This provides flexibility and a better work-life balance, leading to greater job satisfaction.

In conclusion, working for a photography or videography agency can provide you with a stable and structured career that allows you to focus on your creative work, while the team handles the administrative work. With consistent income, high-end clients, travel opportunities, and remote work options, working for an agency can be a great choice for photographers and videographers who want a more stable and fulfilling career.

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